Root Vegetable Cutting Machine
Product Features

Root vegetable slicing&cutting machine features
1.Featured by powerful in function and applied widely, this potato slicer is applicable to a variety of root, stem and leaf vegetables for slice, shred, dice and other shapes.
2.The finished product thickness can be adjusted from 0.5-10mm with good appearance.
3.It’s made of top quality stainless material and applied to fresh potato chips processing line about 100 mm diameter size.
How to store root vegetables?
-- While preparing your crops for storage, discard any diseased, damaged or immature roots, as there is no point in storing problems. Remove the tops of all root crops, simply done by cracking them off.
-- Shake off any excess soil, give the roots a soft wipe and wrap them in slightly damp burlap.
-- Place them in the root cellar, either hanging or on wooden racks. Ideally root cellars are dark and cool, with a temperature of 4 °C (39 °F).
-- Periodically mist the burlap to keep the vegetables moist. Properly stored root crops keep up to four months.
Root vegetable slicing machine technical parameter

Model Whirlston-800 Whirlston-600 Whirlston-200 Whirlston-100
Output(kg/h) 800 600 200 100
Material stainless steel stainless steel stainless steel stainless steel
Power(KW) 1.5 1.5 0.75 0.75
Voltage (V) 380 380 220 220
Weight(Kg) 120 100 70 60
Dimension (mm) 820x760


Detail Information

Root vegetable cutting machine instruction
The machine is suitable for cutting potato,sweet potato,cassava, carrot,radish,taro etc. It can be widely used in vegetable processing factory, meat processing factory, canteen, hotel, condiment factory, vegetable wholesale marketplace and individual businessman.
The application of root vegetable cutting machine
1. The machine can cut root food such as turnip, potato, taro, sweet potatoes, bamboo shoot, onion, eggplant, apple, ginger, etc. into slices, shreds and dices, just like potato chips, French fries and turnip shreds. 
2. The root vegetable cutting machine is suitable for food processing factory, catering industry, canteen and food distribution center.
3. The thickness and size can be customized. The machine serves several purposes, with strong power, creating a high output. 
Root vegetable cutting machine operating attention
1.According to product specifications before operation,keep the machine in dry and ventilate place in condition of long time unused.
2.please switch off the power firstly and clear the machine with dry cloth, water is forbidden to enter main engine. 
3.Don’t leave away in its working time, and keep children far from the machine.

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