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Vegetable Processing Machine
  • Fruit and Vegetable Bubble Washing Machine Fruit and Vegetable Bubble Washing Machine

    Fruit and vegetable bubble washing machine is to wash fruits and vegetables at high speed and in large capacity.Suitable to vegetable processing plants.

  • Onion Peeling Machine Onion Peeling Machine

    Pneumatic onion peeling machine is quite useful in peeling onions in large capacity.Energy saving and easy to operate.

  • Chili Cutting Machine Chili Cutting Machine

    Chili cutting machine is to cut chili to various shapes and sizes like sections,circles,strips,etc.Hygiene and easy to operate.

  • Root Vegetable Cutting Machine Root Vegetable Cutting Machine

    Root vegetable cutting and slicing machine is to cut root vegetables into slices,sticks and small pieces.Easy operation and maintenance.

  • Garlic Peeling Machine Garlic Peeling Machine

    1. Adopt pneumatic principle, thus there is no need of water during the whole process. . 2. The peeled glove is perfectly intact which can be stored for a long time.

  • Mushroom Slicing Machine Mushroom Slicing Machine

    This mushroom slicing machine is designed to slice mushroom and other soft vegetables into slices and strips.

  • Vegetable Dicing Machine Vegetable Dicing Machine

    Vegetable dicing machine is ideal for vegetable processing plants to cut various types into cubes or slices.

  • Vegetable Cutting Machine Vegetable Cutting Machine

    Especially designed to cut leaf and root vegetables into slices, strips, dices and other various shapes.

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