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Pasta Making Machine
  • Rice Noodle and Vermicelli Machine Introduction Rice Noodle and Vermicelli Machine Introduction

    Rice vermicelli machine has wide application in making various sizes of rice noodles in different tastes.Capacities from 50-400kg/h.Ideal food investment.

  • Commercial Noodle Making Machine Commercial Noodle Making Machine

    Commercial noodle making machine is to offer large capacity noodles for restaurant,canteens and supermarkets.High automation,affordable.

  • Conveyor Pizza Oven Machine Conveyor Pizza Oven Machine

    Conveyor pizza oven is to make hygienic,good colored,tasty, thin wrapper and elastic pizzas.Widespread use in bakery,beverage shop,leisure snack shop,etc.

  • Flour Mixing Machine Flour Mixing Machine

    Flour mixing machine is to blend flour into paste for various pasta food like noodles,buns and steam buns.Large capacity and affordable.

  • Noodle Making Machine Noodle Making Machine

    Noodle making machine is used for making fresh and tasty noodles through different grain and vegetable flour.

  • Steamed Bun Machine Steamed Bun Machine

    Steamed bun machine is ideal equipment to make yummy steamed bun of wheat flour, sorghum flour and other grain flour.

  • Multifunctional Pasta Machine Multifunctional Pasta Machine

    Multifunction pasta machine can make different shapes pasta food.Low energy consumption and high efficiency.

  • Automatic Donut Machine Automatic Donut Machine

    Automatic temperature-controller;precise orbit devices and imported motor for donut formation;various donut shapes and thickness

  • Dumpling Making Machine Dumpling Making Machine

    Used to produce different shapes and sizes dumplings by changing molds.

  • Shumai Machine Shumai Machine

    Its special filling system can apply to wide range of filling types such as beef, pork.

  • Mini Donut Machine Mini Donut Machine

    Sanitary working procedure,high productivity and energy-saving.

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