Dumpling Making Machine
Product Features

Dumpling making machine features
1.Advanced design to decrease friction between dough and ensure palatable dumplings.
2.Multifunctional. You can produce pasta food of different shapes and sizes by way of changing molds.
3.The dumplings can be steamed, boiled, fried and frozen. Spring roll and samosa are specially delicious after fried.
4.Dumplings are of uniform size. The thickness of scrapper, the quantity of stuffing and the speed of discharging can be adjusted.
5.Small room coverage; SS material measures up the hygiene standard.
6.Adopts non-sticky technique, forming good product shape.
7.High working efficiency, labor saving.
Dumpling making machine specification JZJ-80

Capacity 4800 pcs/h
Weight 110kg
Dimension 670*420*730mm
Power 1.5kw


Detail Information

Dumpling making machine-convenient to life
Mention dumplings, are you mouth-watering? Dumpling machine can simplify dumpling making process and satisfy your appetite in a short period of time. Except dumplings, our automatic dumpling making machine can also process samosa , spring roll,lace dumpling and wonton by changing the forming mold. You feed the dough and stuffings into the separate hoppers and turn on the machine, then the perfect dumplings can be produced.
How to choose a good dumpling machine
Wanna a lower investment and high profits, you could see
1.The manufacturer is professional or not.
2.The machine is good enough as advertised.
3.The live show to make dumplings.
4.The after-sale service.
Dumpling making machine application
1. The machine is widely used in hotel, restaurant, dining hall, school and fast freeze dumplings processing.
2. It can be used to make various dumplings, such as fried dumplings, spring roll, samosa, wonton angle, ravioli, steamed dumplings.
3. It could make kinds of meat stuffing, vegetable stuffing, meat mix with vegetable stuffing, or other stuffing.

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