Conveyor Pizza Oven Machine
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Conveyor pizza oven parameters

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Conveyor Pizza Oven

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Specified voltage


Specified power

6.3 kw/h



Pizza size

9/12 inch

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Detail Information

Conveyor pizza oven machine
Conveyor pizza oven is customized for pizza shops and help chef make hygienic,good colored,tasty, thin wrapper and elastic pizzas in a short period of time like 1-24 minutes. It is broadly used in bakery, beverage shop,leisure snack shop,etc.
Conveyor pizza oven inner structure and function
Pizza oven bottom part is heated by heating plates and the above part is heated by strong heating tubes, which ensure enough heating and uniformity. It can be used to bake pizzas of various depth and ingredients. The inner conveyor is reasonably designed and can stand 288℃。The temperature and conveyor speed can be adjusted in a certain range according to demand.
Pizza oven application
If you are a regular customer in western restaurant, you will be not surprised to see pizza oven there. If you like pizza with flavors like chicken mushroom mixture,spicy,more vegetable or meat, just turn to pizza oven for the delicacy. Our pizza oven can be made various tastes pizza and has widespread use in bakery,restaurant,snack food shop,tea cafe,canteens and so on.
Conveyor pizza oven features
1.Stainless steel, hygienic and easy to clean
2.Reasonable design, temperature and heating can be adjusted
3.High efficiency but energy conservation
4.High baking temperature from 93℃-288℃for pizzas of different depths and ingredients.
5.Widespread use in bakery, beverage shop,leisure snack shop,etc.

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