Automatic Donut Machine
Product Features

Automatic Donut Machine Features
1.Totally automatic. You only need to put the batter into the machine and just a few minutes later, you can get the tasty donuts.
2.Equipped with precise orbit devices and imported motor, which can ensure a stable vibration.
3.Various kinds of donut shapes and the thickness of donut is adjustable.
4.The discharged donut number is optional, one or two one time.
5.Automatic temperature-controller, safe and convenient.
6.Stainless steel furnace, high output and energy saving.
Automatic Donut Machine Specification




Net weight

Packing dimension

Donut diameter


3.2 kw /220V /50HZ

350~400pcs/hour 32 kg (including frame) 950*500*330mm 6cm


3.2 kw /220V /50HZ 400-600pcs/hour 32 kg (including frame) 1000*470*470mm 4, 6, 8cm


3.2 kw /220V /50HZ 600-800pcs/hour 37 kg (including frame) 1200*640*620mm 4, 6, 8cm
WHGB-10D2 5 kw /220V /50HZ 800pcs/hour 60 kg (including frame) 1200*640*770mm 8cm
T100 6 kw /220V /50HZ 800-1200pcs/hour 42.5 kg 1100*550*650mm 3, 6, 7cm
T101 3.2 kw /220V /50HZ 500pcs/hour 27kg 1000*470*470mm 4, 6, 8cm


Detail Information

Automatic Donut Machine- A Business Opportunity
The automatic donut machine has been proved to be money-makers. No matter you wanna set a home-based donut shop or invest a food concession stand or store, our donut maker is definitely a money-earner for you, and the very reason is the popularity of palatable donuts. Fresh, tasty donuts have always been a popular food item at festivals,fairs, carnivals and many other outdoor seasonal events. So why not consider it?
How to Run a Donut Shop
Quality: the quality of a donut can be broken down into two aspects, its freshness when you buy it, and how long it lasts afterwards. So you must guarantee the quality of donuts.
Collocation of the drinks: for many people, donuts and coffee go hand-in-hand, so a point of comparison involving coffee only makes perfect sense.
Customer service: in order to get more returned customer, you should pay more attention to the customer service. A good service can help you win good public praise propaganda.
The Different Types of Donut Ingredients
Basic ingredients: cooks always use flour, eggs, water, as well as a form of oil or shortening, milk, and salt. Light, puffy donut ingredients also include yeast.
Filling: it is the cook injects into the center of the donut. All of them are sweet, jam and jelly are very popular, and also the fruit mixtures such as raspberry, strawberry, and blueberry, others like fresh cream and thick custard or pastry cream.
Topping: many kinds of donuts are covered with a shiny glaze, and also you can use chocolate, vanilla and maple. Children enjoy donuts with candy sprinkles on them.

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