Steam Cabinet
Product Features

Steam Cabinet Features
1. High quality stainless steel is in line with the state food hygiene requirements to offer sanitary food.
2. Steam delicious, authentic dishes- a good kitchen helper.
3. Compared with general steam ovens, it can save about 50% energy.
4. It can generate a large amount of steam in just 6 minutes, energy saving rate up to 60%.
5. Wide application to steam many kinds of food including rice, meat and various seafood.
Steam Cabinet Specifications

Model Ams-03 Ams-05
Heating power 50 kw 25 KW
Voltage 220V/50HZ 3V battery
Weight 145 KG 85 KG
Overall 1350*800*1750 600*600*1550


Detail Information

Steam Cabinet Introduction
Steam cabinet really brings people convenience in daily life. It can be used for steaming rice, dessert, fish, meat, sea food, stewed food, etc. Besides, the three or five steaming layers are capable of processing a large amount of food in just 6 minutes, which is definitely a fast-food maker, thus widely applies to canteens, restaurants, guesthouses and so on. If you are considering investment in food processing machine, steam cabinet may be a nice choice.
About Our Steam Cabinet Highlights
1.Efficient heating: heating  with electromagnetic principle, thermal efficiency is up to 90% .
2.Energy-saving: energy-saving is over 50% than the ordinary gas/oil.
3.Environmental protection:  no flame, no dust,ultra low noise design.
4.Safety: security protection such as waterproof. Leakage and dry heating protection is adopted.
5.Meeting your requirement: Different size, power and heating stoves can be customized according to the customer's demand.

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