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kitchen Equipment
  • Dough Mixer Machine Dough Mixer Machine

    Dough mixer machine is to preprocess powder into pasta dough for different pasta food production.High efficiency,low investment,affordable.

  • Bean Curd Machine Bean Curd Machine

    Fresh and colorful bean curd,tofu pudding and soymilk,all can be made from bean curd machine.Affordable,hygienic,worth your investment.We also offer other grain processing machine.

  • Multifunctional Cookie Machine Multifunctional Cookie Machine

    PLC control,easy operation cookie machine is to make sesame stick and cake,french macaroons,shortbread biscuits,etc.It is popular in tea restaurant,bakery,cafe,cake shop,west restaurant and snack shops.

  • Chocolate Bean Colloid Mill Chocolate Bean Colloid Mill

    Chocolate bean colloid mill is to make refine particles or paste products for food and other industry.Large milling capacity,affordable.

  • Egg Tart Machine Egg Tart Machine

    Egg tart machine can produce the delicious egg tart.Egg tart offers people pleasant flavor and mood, thus investment in it will be a wise choice.

  • Poultry Hair Removing Machine Poultry Hair Removing Machine

    Poultry feather removal machine is to remove poultry feather in large capacity and at high speed.Easy operation,time and energy saving.

  • Nitrogen Filling Packing Machine Nitrogen Filling Packing Machine

    Vaccum packing machine is to pack various fried food or seafood to keep fresh taste and good flovor.Small in size and light in weight.

  • Instant Freezer Machine Instant Freezer Machine

    Food instant freezer is to freeze various food such as fried food,meat,seafood,fruit,etc.Suitable to food processing plant or supermarket.

  •  Automatic Screw Oil Press Automatic Screw Oil Press

    Automatic edible oil press is suitable to medium and small sized oil extrution workshop.Pure edible oil quality,simple operation.

  • Hydraulic Oil Press Hydraulic Oil Press

    Hydraulic oil press is advanced in expressing pure edible oil.It is the best choice to replaces hand-operated oil extruding work and is wildly used for oil seeds such as sesame,rapeseed,almond,etc.

  • Edible Oil Filter Edible Oil Filter

    This frame oil filter is suitable for purifying and filtering all sorts of vegetable crude oil after pressed. It can be matched with many oil presses

  • Oil Refinery Machine Oil Refinery Machine

    Edible oil refinery machine is widely used in processing pure oil for home and commercial use.

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