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Food Processing Machine
  • Bowl Chopper Bowl Chopper

    Bowl cutter is designed to cut meat to a fine degree and then blend and mix ingredients to meat product.Stainless steel knives,wide application to meatball,sausage,hot dog,etc.

  • Frozen Meat Flaker Frozen Meat Flaker

    This frozen meat flaker can process the frozen meat directly requiring no pretreatment.

  • Meat Grinder Meat Grinder

    This meat grinder is capable of mincing both frozen meat and fresh meat.

  • Frozen Meat Slicing Machine Frozen Meat Slicing Machine

    Ideal machine for meat processing factory, capable of cutting the hard frozen meat into slices.

  • Sausage Stuffing Machine Sausage Stuffing Machine

    Used for filling sausage casing of all kinds and sizes with ease.

  • Frozen Meat Dicing Machine Frozen Meat Dicing Machine

    Widely used to cut various kinds of frozen meat products such as sausages, poultry, beefsteak,etc.

  • Meat Smoker Machine Meat Smoker Machine

    Meat smoker machine is to offer people different tastes of meat.Hygienic and easy operation.

  • Brine Injector Machine Brine Injector Machine

    Brine injector machine is to inject brine to keep meat tender and fresh color.Ideal equipment in meat processing inductry.

  • Bone Saw Machine Bone Saw Machine

    Designed for cutting freezing meat and bones into small pieces,bone saw machine has wide application in meat processing industry.High efficiency,easy operation

  • Vacuum Meat Tumbling Machine Vacuum Meat Tumbling Machine

    Meat tumbling machine is to tumble the meat in vacuum condition and marinade the meat evenly.

  • Fruit and Vegetable Bubble Washing Machine Fruit and Vegetable Bubble Washing Machine

    Fruit and vegetable bubble washing machine is to wash fruits and vegetables at high speed and in large capacity.Suitable to vegetable processing plants.

  • Rice Noodle and Vermicelli Machine Introduction Rice Noodle and Vermicelli Machine Introduction

    Rice vermicelli machine has wide application in making various sizes of rice noodles in different tastes.Capacities from 50-400kg/h.Ideal food investment.