Hot & Cold Drinks Vending Machine
Product Features

Hot & Cold Drinks Vending Machine Features
1. Both hot and cold drinks are available for your preference.
2. Equipped with four material boxes storing soluble powder.
3. LED display and separate cold hot drink bolts.
4. Adopt advanced semiconductor dual-chip electronic cooling mechanism.
5. High quality cooling results: 20 Celsius degree lower than the external environmental temperature.
6. Durable display window and buttons are made of premium quality materials.
7. Offer customized coin mechanism as required.
Hot and Cold Drinks Vending Machine Parameters

Model OP-423MCE
Power source 220v/50Hz
Weight 31.5kg
Cold chamber power 160W
Heating power 1600W
Dimensions 540*430*650mm


Detail Information

Hot & Cold Drinks Vending Machine Introduction
The machine is a fully automatic hot and cold drinks vending machine, offering up to respectively 4 selections of fresh and tasty cold drinks and hot drinks. This drink vending machine can be free-vend or coin operated which is an excellent choice for enterprises and public institutions, beauty salons, restaurants, snack bars and other public places. This vending machine is equipped with four material boxes which are used to store soluble powders including coffee, juice, milk tea and milk shake.
How to Add Water and Ingredient to the Vending Machine?
Add water: The type of drink vending machine is equipped with three built-in tanks which are used to store room temperature water, hot water and cold water. The water can be directly added into the tanks. Placing the 18.9L purified water bucket onto the bottle neck of the tanks or connecting the purified water pipeline to the water inlet of the machine also works.
Add soluble powder: The vending machine is equipped with four material boxes for any soluble powder. Any drink like coffee, milk tea, juice, herb tea and milk shake can be produced at the same time. The capacity of each material box is 1400-1500g. About 75-100 cups of drink can be produced out of 1Kg material.

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