Automatic Coffee Machine
Product Features

Automatic Coffee Machine Features
1. Adjustable coffee amount from 7g to 12g, totaling 5 grades.
2. Double layers of stainless steel filter and stainless steel lid of waste water plate.
3. Double boilers for both coffee making and steam making.
4. NTC temperature control system for adjusting temperature.
5. Die-casting aluminium cup warmer.
6. Conical gear grinding for high quality ground result.
7. Copper connection system for high safety.
8. Features large LCD display.
Why Our Automatic Coffee Machine?
Choose our automatic coffee machine, you won’t have any trouble with the operating, because 8 languages are available in the operation menu. You also needn’t worry about if the YMX01 coffee maker will cause any danger because it is equipped with copper connection system for keeping high safety. The quality of the coffee should be the least part to worry about, because the YMX01 Coffee Maker features precise steel conical gear grinding for high quality ground result. So choosing our automatic coffee machine will give you a piacevole enjoy of your spare time.
Automatic Coffee Machine Parameters

Model YMX01
Voltage 220-240V 50/60Hz 100-120V 50/60Hz
Power 1350W
Dimensions 410*338*355mm
Weight 12.6Kg
Construction ABS


Detail Information

Automatic Coffee Machine
Automatic coffee machine is a fully automatic Italy-style coffee maker. It is equipped with 20-bar exported from Italy, ULKA pressure pump and double boilers. Automatic coffee machine features adjustable coffee amount within 5 grades, double-layer stainless steel filter and perfectly polished stainless steel lid of waste water plate. There are as many as 8 languages available to choose in the operation menu.
The application of automatic coffee machine
Our coffee machine can provide you high-quality products and offer you a variety flavor of coffee drinks. And also this type of coffee machine is easy to operate; it can meet the needs of different customers. It is especially suitable for the office, fast food shops, restaurants, schools, hotels, cinemas, etc. Believe that our automatic coffee machine is always your trustworthy partner.
5 tips for brewing better coffee from your existing machine
--Use filtered water.
--Use the right grind for the filter.
--Pre-heat your water.
--Maintain the right ratio of grounds to water.
--Clean your equipment regularly.
Why it's important to clean your coffee machine
For coffee makers to continue to work the way they were designed to work without clogging, they need to be cleaned once a month. When you clean your coffee machine you will be removing hard water deposits, oils from coffee, in addition to any impurities that can actually taint the taste of your coffee. You may not know it, but if you haven't cleaned your coffee machine in the last month your coffee does not taste as good as it could.

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