Nuts Cracking Machine
Product Features

Nuts cracking machine advantages 
1.Large output: you can put 25-35 pounds materials once in it.
2.Advanced design, reasonable structure: there are wheel below the body mounted for moving easily. It uses Liquefied gas or coal as its working source.
3.Operation simple: the combination of motor with tank to avoid the hidden dangers of the upper and lower triangular belt, also it can save the operation time effectively prevent the material in the tank body for long time being yellow.
4.Better selection, advanced production technology: the main part of the puffing machine is also the most critical part--tank. It use the best quality stainless steel overall, is more durable than the welding production.
5.Physical principle: it uses the pure physical principle, does not add any additives, maximum remains rich nutritional value of pine nuts.
6.It is automatical,high efficiency,continuous processing,high shelling rate.
The health benefits of nuts
1. Improve your cholesterol profile. The important plant sterols and other good fats found in nuts have been shown to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol and raise your HDL (good) cholesterol levels.
2. Reduce the risk of blood clots. Eating nuts has also been shown to improve the health of your arteries and decrease risks for developing the blood clots that can cause a fatal heart attack.
3. Prevent erratic heart rhythms. The unsaturated fatty acids found in nuts, especially the high level of omega 3 in walnuts, have been shown to help prevent the development of erratic heart rhythms.
4. Improve the health of artery walls. Nuts are rich in the natural amino acid l-arginine, which also helps reduce blood clots and improve artery walls making them more flexible and easing blood flow.
5. Lower death risk from heart attacks. Most nuts contain vitamin E, potassium, fiber, protein and essential fatty acids, including omega 3. Studies show that when nuts are eaten as part of a healthy diet, they can help decrease your chance of dying from a heart attack.
Nuts cracking machine technical parameters 

Power 750W
Weight 500kg
Voltage 220V/380V
Processing time 3-5 minute/process
Main power source Gas or coal
Producing capacity 150kg/hour
Dimension 1750*900*1350(L*W*H)

Detail Information

Nuts cracking machine introduction
This machine is used to shelling and cracking kinds of nuts hard shell such as palm nuts, almonds, hazel, apricot pits nuts and peach pit shell, etc. This is a complete processing machine, all the size palm nuts will be cracked by this machine-a very advanced nuts hard shell cracker, large capacity, stable function, easy operation, high shelling rate, few broken kernels in the cracking process.It is multi-functional and can break kinds of nuts hard shell, such as hazel nuts hard shell, apricot pits, peach pit hard shell, almonds hard shell ,etc
Before nut cracking--
Before opening the mouth of nuts, you should soap them into water first. After around 30 minutes, the opening effect will be better and the opening percent will be higher.
Nuts cracking machine mainly application
It is used for opening the mouth of nuts such as pine nut, pistachio, chestnut, walnut and macadamia nut without breaking the outer shell. The opening rate can reach above 95%. To crack nuts and make it convenient for people to take out the kernels of nuts.

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