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Shelling and Peeling Machine
  • Nuts Cracking Machine Nuts Cracking Machine

    Nut cracking machine is to crack and shell all kinds of nuts hard shell such as palm nuts,almonds,hazel,etc.Advanced design,large output,affordable.

  • Sesame Peeling Machine Sesame Peeling Machine

    High hull removing rate of≥98%; widely used in seasame further processing industry.

  • Walnut Sheller Machine Walnut Sheller Machine

    Mainly used for removing hard shells from various kinds of nuts high integrity rate

  • Wet Type Peanut Peeling Machine Wet Type Peanut Peeling Machine

    Wet type peeling can ensure a more high integrity of the peeled peanuts.

  • Cashew Steaming Machine Cashew Steaming Machine

    Cashew steaming machine is widely used to steam all kinds of nut products.The steamed nut can be made into different flavors snacks and food.Nice investment choice.

  • Date Pitting Machine Date Pitting Machine

    Used for pitting various fruits, easy to handle, high integrity flesh rate.

  • Dry Type Peanut Peeling Machine Dry Type Peanut Peeling Machine

    1.Dry type peanut shelling method, no pollution 2.High peeling rate and easy operation

  • Cashew Grading Machine Cashew Grading Machine

    The durable structure and easy operation make cashew grading machine an excellent choice for processing cashew and other nuts.

  • Pneumatic Cashew Peeling Machine Pneumatic Cashew Peeling Machine

    Cashew peeling machine,clean peeling process,good peeling effect,peeling the inner coat from cashew nuts.

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