Date Pitting Machine
Product Features

Date Pitting Machine Features
1. Use special punch pin to remove the fruit pit thoroughly.
2. High integrity flesh rate of 99%.
3. Frequency conversion technology makes the operation simple and highly efficient.
4. High automatic operation degree, easy to operate.
5. Stainless steel, simple to clean and maintain.
Specification and Technical Data

Type Rate of pitter Power Size(mm) Capacity(pcs/h)
Apricot pitter 99.8% 1.5KW 20-50 67200
Cherry pitter 99.8% 1.5KW 10-25 98400
Plum pitter 99.8% 1.5KW 30-40 79200
Date pitter 99.8% 1.5KW 12-50 38400
Olive pitter 99.8% 1.5KW 16-30 57600


Detail Information

Date Pitting Machine Introduction
Date pitting machine is widely used for pitting Myrica, Cherry, Plum, Olive, Crabapple, Hawthorn and so on. The mold is adjustable according to different products with the diameter scope from 10mm to 34mm, which is a salient improvement.
Date Pitting Machine Working Principle
Date pitting machine has two rollers: one is with saw teeth and the other is made of rubbery. The two rollers rotating in the opposite direction which presses the flesh to the gap and the date stones on the stretchy roller, thus separating the pit from the fresh.

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