Frozen French Fries Production Line
Product Features

Frozen french fries processing way
Fresh potato peeling—French fries cutting—blanching—dewatering—frying—de-oiling—quick freezer--packing
The benefits of frozen food
☺Frozen food can be nutritious: one of the most important facts about frozen food is that commercial freezing effectively locks in nutritional value.
☺Frozen food is often more affordable: frozen products are often lower in cost per serving and have a much greater shelf-life than refrigerated foods.
☺Frozen food is generally safer: frozen has the least number of food safety incidents, behind chilled, fresh and organic foods.
☺Frozen food can reduce waste: the United States Department of Agriculture estimates that recovering just five percent of the food that is wasted would feed four million people a day.
Frozen french fries technical data

Item Machine Voltage Power Dimension Weight
1 Potato peeling machine 380V 1.1kw 740×650×860mm 80Kg
2 French fries cutting machine 220V 0.75kw 670×580×890mm 70Kg
3 Blanching machine 380V 21kw 1730×650×1000mm 80Kg
4 Dewatering machine 380V 1.5kw 1080×630×900mm 500Kg
5 Frying machine 380V 40kw 1900×1000×130mm 240Kg
6 De-oiling machine 380V 1.5kw 1080×630×900mm 500Kg
7 Freezer 380V 8kw 2000×2000×2240mm 700Kg
8 Packing machine 380V 2kw 1220×680×900mm 230Kg


Detail Information

Frozen french fries production line
Frozen French fries production line can not only produce fries, potato chips but also fruit chips and vegetable chips, such as banana chips, apple chips and so on. This production line is a multifunctional machine with unique effectiveness and remarkable efficiency. It is designed according to the feedback for customers. Frozen French fries which need further cooking, is a very popular snack food in the supermarket.
The Best Frozen French Fries in western countries
☞Best steak fries: Ore-Ida country style steak fries.
☞Best Waffle fries: Alexia seasoned waffle fries.
☞Best curly fries: Ore-Ida golden twirls.
☞Best classic fries: Trader Joe’s chipotle ranch fries.
1. Output capacity 100kg/hour,
2. Output capacity 200kg/hour
3. Output capacity 300kg/hour
Main machines in frozen french fries production line
1. Automatic fresh potato peeling machine
2. French fries cutting machine
3. Blanching machine
4. Dewatering machine
5. French fries frying machine
6. De-oiling machine
7. Instant freezer
8. Packaging machine
Frozen french fries machine introduction
1. potato cleaning and peeling machine: It adopts emery rubbing principle to ensure good rinsing effects.Made of full of stainless steel and is widely used to peel potato, carrot, sweet potato,etc.
2. Cutting machine: It can cut potatoes to different lengths and thicknesses for making French fries; Changing cutters can get round shape for making chips! One machine, two functions!
3. Blanching machine: is a must to preserve authentic flavor to make natural potato chips and French fries.
4. Dewatering machine: can remove surface water of food /vegetable, based on the centrifugal force principle.
5. Frying machine: this equipment is divided into the coal-burning and electric heating type, the oil temperature and water temperature is automatically controlled, it can save 50% oil and 40%coal.
6. De-oiling machine: this machine has installed the shockproof system; the process of de-oiling will not shock, centrifugal principle, electromagnetic brake and digital automatically control.
7. Filling nitrogen packaging machine: effectively can prevent the potato chips rotting and extend shelf life.


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