Mobile Push Cart
Product Features

Why Whirlston push carts
1.Hygienic. Equipped with stainless steel cooking utensils, easy to clean and maintain.
2.Durability. Push cart whole body is made of durable material like PC solid sheets, rubber tyres.  
3.Natural Rubber Wheels. Not the cheaper vinyl wheels that get brittle and hard in the sun.
4.Much affordable. Relatively low price guarantee, quite suitable for small investors.
Mobile push cart specification

Model  Dimension Weight
AWF-01 2300*1800*2200mm 420kg
AWF-02 2200*1600*2200mm 400kg
AWF-03 2200*1800*2000mm 500kg
Detail Information

Mobile push cart instruction
Mobile push cart is a mini type food which serves simple-cooked snacks or icecreams. Compared to mobile food trucks and trailers, push carts are not motorized thus the body is kind of small. The push cart offers non-potentially hazardous food such as coffee, cupcakes or frankfurters. 
Push cart diverse food items and styles
BBQ,summer skewers,hotpot,frying,teppanyaki,DIY ice cream, Donut Fryer, etc for your choice, thus push cart is almost everywhere such as supermarket, stores,colleges,busy streets,... No matter your little break during long tour or small reward for your hard work, push food cart is always a welcome to you. As to the styles, an umbrella can be set for preventing rain or burning sun; outside the cart, you can post any delicious food pictures to attract customers; a unique chimney is to discharge waste gas.  
Push cart setting ups
Push cart will be served ready-for-road and bespoke to the clients' specification alike. In-built utensils are complete for any kind of cooking. Rinse tank is necessary to ensure hygiene food processing. Fryer, square iron hot plate and cash drawer are in the front part. The rear part is operating place and comon kitchen appliance can be allocated there such as water pump, gas pipe and display shelves. Our optional equipment includes steamer, fridge, microwave oven, coffee machine, ice maker and crusher,etc. The whole cart adopts high quality paint and PC Solid Sheets. You can open one or two side windows for business. 

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