Mobile Food Trailer
Product Features

Mobile food trailer features
1.Complete functions, integrates BBQ, hotpot, frying, square iron hot plate, etc. 
2.Wide application, mobility makes it a warm welcome in nigh market, shop, store, school, factory, pedestrian street as well as community.
3.Reasonable design, novel and beautiful figure, easy to move.
4.Environmental friendly. Zero smoke emission. Inside working, hygiene.
How to choose mobile food trailer
1.Assess the surroundings 
Pay attention to the surroundings, notice which carts other people are lining up to purchase food, therefore you can make sure that the food from your cart is likely to attract customers.
2.Ask questions
Don't be afraid to ask customers what kind of food is their faves; don't hesitate to ask food cart employees where they get the carts and ingredients, etc.
3.Be brave and think out of the box
If you stumble across a new kind of street cart whose cuisine you never tried, then give it a whirl. Through common food brings people taste satisfaction, but a novel try will certainly make you a new food cart star.
Mobile trailer specifications

Model Dimension Weight
AWF-04 2200*1600*2200mm 500(kg)
Detail Information

Mobile food trailer instruction
Different from electric mobile food cart, mobile food trailer is another type of food cart which enjoys much popularity and publicity especially in snacks and some on-site food cooking. You can open your food business just by this small-area-occupied food trailer and feel assured that it will bring you money-earning opportunities.  
Mobile food trailer structure and configuration
Outside, the paint is fresh and coloful so that maybe it's a magic factor to attract street eat lovers and other passers-by alike. Two pneumatic-tyre wheels are made of rubber which can endure long-term use. There is a towbar in front of the trailer for connecting to almost every type of engine. Inside setup is generally easy but based on what food or snacks you will make. Our food trailer are divided into two parts. There are fryer, fluorescent light and cash drawer in the front while water sink, stainless steel shelf and gas pipes, etc in the rear part. Our optional equipment includes: convection ovens, grills,refrigerators and freezers,sinks and any other cooking devices. We offer ready-to-road carts and mand-to-order services all the time.

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