Electric Food Cart
Product Features

Why choose our food cart 
1.Our electric food cart is made to last, using electricity as fuel, environmental friendly.
2.We offer stainless steel material for displaying food to ensure hygiene.
3.Made-to-order service, inside for custome kitchen and outside for advertisements such as appetite-attractive color or delicacy images.
4.Small investment compared to running a restanrant, timely offering various tastes food and snacks.
Electric Food cart specification

Model Dimension(mm) Weight(kg)
AWF-10 3850*1600*2200(mm) 1650(kg)
AWF-11 3850*1800*2200(mm) 1700(kg)
AWF-13 3300*1800*2200(mm) 1600(kg)


Detail Information

Electric Food vendor-a convenience to life
I wonder if you have noticed or even benefit from the street vendors. When you get up too late to have the breakfast, when you work a whole day long and wanna reward yourself with tasty food, when you visit a certain tour spot and expect the specialty during rest. You bet! Thanks to the mobile food vendor, All your need will finish in just a few minutes. 
Electric Food cart configuration
Our electric food cart is simply structured inside so that need no professional personels to operate. The driving part is separated from the kitchen part. Inside the mobile kitchen, the comprehensive equipment is reasonably set, which on the whole occupies the space skillfully. You can choose two or three functions among the frying, braise, hotpot, torrefying and baking, etc. The optional equipment includes refrigerator, freezer, coffee machine, ice crusher, baking stoves, display cabinet and other common used appliance in kitchen.

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