Electric Food Bus
Product Features

Electric food bus features
1.Use electricity as power energy, it is pro-environment compared to the fast food restaurants.
2.Offers clean and healthy food. Cooking is proessed in the mobile kitchen and avoids outside pollution. 
3.Multiple functions, diverse food types and tastes. Fried, braised, hotpot, baked and cheese balls, the offering is from soup to nuts.
4.Little room coverage,energy saving, easy to move.
5.Small investment but high profit, especially during festivals period.
6.Wide popularity among supermarkets, stores, bustling streets, tour spots, preliminary schools and universities.
To some extent, Food cart obviously offers many people an easy and attractive entry into the diner industry, so the earlier invest, the earlier profit.
Electric food bus specification

Model Dimension(mm) Weight(kg)
AWF-08 3700*1800*2200(mm) 1700(kg)
Detail Information

The popularity of electric food bus
Each day either on street corners in the countryside or pedestrian street in urban area, more and more people are attracted by mobile food cart for dining instead of the fast food restaurants. People used to eat-when-walk know how delicious the food can be when they are hot, fresh from boilers. Aside from hot dogs and tacos, mobile food cart can be used for many other diverse food from pizza to Korean cuisine.
Electric food bus introduction
This electric food bus comprises the driving part and kitchen part. The color and configuration is made-to-order. Inside the cart, there equipped with fluorescent lamp, power source, tawny endurance plate, the one or two side opening door. Frying, iron plate baking, hotpot, external stove, steamer, heat preservation drawer and tank, almost all cooking equipment can be set according to customers' requirements. 

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