Vacuum Meat Tumbling Machine
Product Features

Meat Tumbling Machine Features
1. The meat tumbling machine was made of high quality stainless steel which reaches the standard of food sanitation.
2. The design of round rotary head enables bigger tumbling space.
3. The specially designed arc blades evenly distribute the marinade and do no harm to the surface of the meat.
4. Automatic temperature control system help worker to operate the machine easily and they can achieve the functions of automatic tumbling, intermission, deflating, vacuumizing, etc. 
5. After releasing the materials, clean the equipment with the professional cleaner and water.

Vacuum Meat Tumbling Machine Parameters

Model Optimum loading Volume Rotary speed Power Weight Dimension

20 kg/time

60L 16r/min 0.95kw 60kg 829×400
GR600 200 kg/time 680 L 7.3 r/min 2.2 kw 330 kg

1573 mm

GR800 300 kg/time 780 L 7.3 r/min 2.2 kw 400 kg 1490
GR1000 500 kg/time 980 L 7.3 r/min 3 kw 480 kg 1760
GR1500 600 kg/time 1350 L 7.3 r/min 3.8 kw 580 kg 1920
GR2000 800 kg/time 1900 L 6.8 r/min 4.8 kw 960 kg 2030
GR2800 1000 kg/time 2740 L 6.8 r/min 7 kw 800 kg 2415


Detail Information

Vacuum Meat Tumbling Machine Introduction
The meat tumbling machine is the necessary equipment in the meat processing industry. It is designed to tumble the meat in vacuum condition and marinade the meat evenly. While rolling in the cylinder, the materials absorb marinade evenly at condition of the vacuum and low atmospheric pressure and the meat texture and tenderness are improved greatly. The clockwise rolling, reverse friction, real suction material make it effective to process the raw material, enhance the meat tenderness and suppress the growth and the reproduction of the microorganism that need oxygen. The meat tumbling machine is one of reliable ideal products which has a good operation system can be operated simply and conveniently.
The application of meat tumbling machine
Meat tumbling machine is a newer method of marinating or brining meat.Suitable for frozen food, sea food, prepared food, Ready-to-cook product, Meat soaked food etc. It reduces the marinating time for meat and changes meat texture and then gains weight about 20% up.
Vacuum meat tumbling machine advantages
1. Reduced direct labor costs: automated process reduces handling and processing time with as little as 10 minutes needed for marinating of some products.
2. Improved product quality and consistency: the process of tumbling allows for even penetration of the marinade and extracts protein to the surface of meat for a juicier, more tender and flavorful. Tumbling also makes slicing meat easier with an even appearance.
3. Reduced supply cost:vacuum tumbling eliminates the need for more marinade with a precise ratio of marinade to water. The marinade is fully absorbed by the product with no excess leftover.
4. Production Control:vacuum tumblers are equipped with timers, and settings to control the speed and number of rotations.


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