Meat Grinder
Product Features

Meat Grinder Features
1. Stainless steel construction.
2. Adopts Germany technology ensuring best grinding effects.
3. Equipped with two screw conveyors, each of which works separately with different speeds to ensure the best grinding effects and largest capacity.
4. Reasonable feeding screw conveyor and big feeding inlet make the material feeding easy and smooth.
5. Featur SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH electric apparatus and emergency stop button
6. Equipped with protecting device for safe operation.
Meat Grinder Parameters

Model Capacity Power Voltage Dimension(mm)
JR-D120 1.5-2tons/h 7.5kw 380V/50HZ 950×550×1050
JR-D130 2-3tons/h 11kw 380V/50HZ 1050×750×1300


Detail Information

Meat Grinder Description
This meat grinder is specially designed for the food service industry, ideal for restaurants, ranches, etc. Meat grinder is suitable for both frozen meat and fresh meat processing. This machine features two screw conveyors: feeding screw conveyor and discharging screw conveyor, each of which works separately with different speeds to ensure the best grinding effects and largest capacity. The meat grinder comes with different grinding plates allowing different sizes of the meat granule. Besides, the size of the grinding plates can be tailored as required.
The advantages of using meat grinder
--It can take large amount of meat in a very short time, making it an efficient machine.
--You can use it to chop fruit and vegetables, and even make your own bread crumbs.
--The most important one is that unlike in delis, you’ll be able to control how thick your meat will be.
--You can use the meat grinder on all kinds of meat, such as beef, venison and pork, etc.
The using method of meat grinder
1. Before using it, please clean the washable parts of the meat grinder.
2. Power on after assembled, and then add the meat until the machine is operating normally.
3. Add the meat uniformly, not put too much so as to damage the motor. If you find the machine dose not operate normally, turn off the power immediately and check the reason after shutdown.
4. Turn off the power after use it, then clean the parts, drain the water, put it in a dry place for later use.
5. Before use the equipment, refer to the specification requirements.

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