Bowl Chopper
Product Features

Bowl Chopper Features
1. Heavy-duty and stainless steel bowl construction.
2. Equipped with stainless steel cutting blades and spacers.
3. Dual-speed pot can coordinate with any rotary speed of the cutting knife.
4. Feature timing device and automatic unloader.
5. Fineness of the chopped result can be controlled by adjusting the time.
6. Safety switch stops the blades from injury to the operator.
7. Simple to operate, easy to clean and maintain.
Bowl Chopper Parameters

Capacity 125 L/198lb 80L/132lb 40L/66lb 20L/33lb
Power 125kw 80kw 40kw 1.1kw
Weight 1800kg 1000kg 600kg 95kg










Detail Information

Bowl Chopper Description
Bowl chopper machine is the key equipment in meat processing; the high-speed rotating chopping knife can cut the raw meat into minced food, at the same time, it stirs the other accessories uniformly. It is fitted with an uploading scraper which discharges the product from the bowl into a container via a chute. Bowl chopper is usually applicable to make stuffing for sausage, bologna, meat ball, ham, hot dog, patty, meat pie, etc. All parts that contact food are made of stainless steel or al-alloy and all are in conformity with international hygiene standards.
The Wide Application of Meat Bowl Chopper
1. Meat Bowl cutter is widely used in food processing laboratory, food project laboratory, university mess hall and other catering industry.
2. It can be used for the deep progressing of meat, fruit and vegetable, marine products and spice. Cut up the meat loaf, diced meat and fat, and meantime mix uniformly the meat with water/ice/spice.
3. The knife rotates with high speed, shortens the runtime, reduce the heat productivity, and keep the natural color of meat.
4. Bowl chopper is usually applicable to make stuffing for sausage, bologna, meat ball, ham, hot dog, patty, meat pie, etc.
Business Tips

This bowl chopper is an ideal machine to turn solid food into a paste if you let it run. With this machine, you will get increased customer appeal with more flavorful product. Its optimum design helps reduce labor costs, improve production and expand product line.

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