Frozen Meat Flaker
Product Features

Frozen Meat Flaker Features
1. Stainless steel and heavy duty construction.
2. Safe and simple to operate.
3. Thickness of the flaked meat is adjustable from 2mm-10mm.
4. Directly flake frozen meat, requiring no defrosting.
5. Features continuous operation for uninterrupted production.
Frozen Meat Flaker Application and Function
1.It is usually used to cut beef, pork, lamb, ham slices,carrot and potato.
2.This equipment has many advantages such as compact structure, beautiful appearance, easy operation, high efficiency, low power, and health and safety, etc. it is an indispensable meat processing machinery for hotels, restaurants, canteens, meat processing plants and other units.
Frozen Meat Flaker Parameters

Model Capacity Power Thickness of the meat
MF-3 600-1200Kg/h 3KW 2-10mm (adjustable)


Detail Information

Frozen Meat Flaker Description
This frozen meat flaker is widely used by meat processing factory to flake or slice various kinds of frozen meat products such as sausages, poultry, beefsteak, in preparation for further processing. The frozen meat block can be directly put into the flaker, requiring no pretreatment. The setting of the machine can be adjusted to change the thicknesses of the flaked meat, which vary from 2mm-10mm.
Why Frozen Meat Flaker?
This frozen meat flaker plays an indispensable role in meat processing line. It is applicable to crush the frozen meat like pork, fish, and chicken breast for further meat processing by the meat grinder. It is widely used to process sausage, burger, meat can and hot dog in the meat processing factory. If you want to make you bowl chopper have a longer serving life and gain high-quality processed meat products, I strongly advise you to choose our frozen meat flaker.
Comparison between Frozen Meat and Fresh Meat
1. More health: from the health point of view, there are often a variety of bacteria in the fresh meat, and may even have some virus. However, the bacteria have been out of frozen meat or frozen to death.
2. More fresh: fresh meat is longer exposure in the air than frozen meat, in a sense; it is not as good as frozen meat.
3. More delicious: judging from the meat, fresh meat has some lack such as the heavy dour and complex juicy. However, the frozen meat has a row acid treatment before storage; the moisture and blood inside the meat were cleared, so the frozen is more delicious.
4. More nutritious: there is not much difference about the nutrition between frozen meat and fresh meat, as long as the correct thawing and reasonable consumption, frozen meat nutritional value is not lower than fresh meat.

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