Fruit Beater
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A few fruit juice combinations that you can try for breakfast
1. Carrot, ginger and apple: helps boost and cleanse your system.
2. Apple, cucumber and celery: prevents cancer, reduces cholesterol, and stops headaches and upset stomachs.
3. Tomato, carrot and apple: improves skin complexion and stops bad breath.
4. Bitter gourd, apple and milk: avoids bad breath and reduces internal body heat.
5. Orange, ginger and cucumber: improves skin texture and moisture, and reduces body heat
6. Pineapple, apple and watermelon: dispels excess salts, nourishes the bladder and also the kidney.
Fruit Beater Features
1. Equipped with a wide range of screen sizes to choose.
2. The stainless steel material ensures sanitary beating process.
3. Fruit beater can work either independently or combined with other fruit processing equipment.
Fruit Beater Specification

Model DJ1-2.5
Capacity 1000 kg/h
Power 4kw
Rotation speed 840rpm
Size 1450*770*1650mm


Detail Information

Fruit Beater Introduction
Fruit beater is capable of beating crushed fruits like tomatoes, kiwi fruits, strawberries, apples, pears and pre-boiled fruits like dates, hawthorns, etc. It is really a nice helper to process fruit jam, juice and vegetable juice. If you wanna invest on fruit processing equipment, you might as well take fruit beater into consideration.
Fruit Beater Working Principle
The transmission belt conveys the fruits to the processing cage. It is the high rotating speed that beats fruits into fruit pulp. Change the screens freely and you will get different beating speed according to your own requests.
The difference between juices and smoothies
Juice: To make fresh homemade fruit or vegetable juice, you need a juice extractor. Juice is the water and most of the nutrients that have been separated from the carbohydrate or fibrous pulp in fruits and vegetables.
Smoothies: Smoothies require a blender machine. When a liquid (such as fresh juice, milk, or broth) and fresh fruits/vegetables are processed into a purée in a blender, the resulting drink is thick and smooth — in other words, a smoothie.

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